Who We Are

About us

The Canadian Tamils’ Chamber of Commerce (“CTCC”) was established as a voluntary non-profit, non-sectarian, non-sectional organization in 1991 to “develop and foster entrepreneurship”. For over 28 years, CTCC has built a strong community that consists of innovative, successful and passionate individuals who continue to lead the approximately 500,000 strong Canadian Tamil community to success.

CTCC has become the platform that connects entrepreneurs and business professionals to develop and grow in Canada’s diverse economy. Through the use of educational, philanthropic and networking initiatives, CTCC aims towards enriching the socioeconomic development of the Canadian Tamil community. We facilitate local and global opportunities and provide members with a supportive environment to develop skills and promote economic growth in Canada.


CTCC shall be the nexus of the Canadian Tamil business community. It shall develop and foster entrepreneurship and community engagement by:

  • Providing members with a forum to network, share ideas and experiences in order to promote mutual business success;
  • Supporting emerging enterprises and entrepreneurs through seminars, workshops and conferences;
  • Recognizing and promoting the success and contribution of Tamil Canadians;
  • Promoting charitableness and volunteerism in the community; and
  • Facilitating and strengthening opportunities for members in the field of trade and commerce, locally, nationally, and globally

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