President’s Message

Hello Friends,

As the first woman President of the Canadian Tamils’ Chamber of Commerce, I want to thank you all. I specially want to thank all the members who were instrumental in electing and having confidence in me to guide the organization. It is a historic moment and it is my great honour. I assure you that I will uphold the stands of unity, professionalism and integrity in the organization under my leadership. I urge you all and the entire Tamil business community to support me to lead this organization.
The Founders’ paved a path for our existence and the past Presidents and the Boards worked hard and contributed for the success of this organization.
It is going to be an exciting year with novel ideas flowing from the Board. My first vision as a President will be to expand the horizons of the CTCC and to build bridges with Tamil and other business organizations for a stronger community across Canada and to establish representatives in the Provinces in Canada in this year. We will have networking events, educational programs and seminars for members and membership will be revamped by adding value to the members focusing on business development with modern technology for the benefit of the members.
To have a strong voice at all government levels, CTCC needs to be engaged in discussions and consultations when the government is planning to develop and pass legislations that will affect our members and businesses. Unless we have our representatives to voice our concerns, we will not be considered as an active Chamber that speaks out for our members. I am determined that with assistance of the Board, we will set up a committee that will focus on these matters and help our organization to get a seat at the discussion table with other chambers of commerce to represent our members’ interests while legislation is amended or newly introduced.
We need to develop a culture where women and young entrepreneurs feel accepted and comfortable in CTCC. I believe that we as current leaders, must ensure to develop leaders of tomorrow. I will ensure that the Board will focus its attention towards the business development of women and young entrepreneurs. I have been running a law firm in Toronto for over a decade. During this year, I would like to share my experience of establishing and thriving as a woman business professional in Ontario.
In keeping with the Constitution, we must link and collaborate with other Chambers to advance our business community, such as Jaffna Chamber of Commerce to develop businesses in Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka.
The funds from the sponsors would be utilized in an efficient and effective manner to promote the sponsors and the interests of Tamil business community.
I am looking forward to working with the members and the sponsors on advancement of the Tamil business community.
Thank you for your continuous support.

Your truly,

Dilani Gunarajah
Canadian Tamils’ Chamber of Commerce