Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, Honourable Stephan Dion, visits Sri Lanka

by / Monday, 01 August 2016 / Published in News

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Foreign Affairs Minister, Honourable Stephan Dion, visit to Sri Lanka creates hope and provides endless opportunities that could be mutually beneficial to Canada and Sri Lanka. It has been 13 years since Canada has made an official visit to our great nation. Canada’s commitment to strengthen democracy and economic capabilities in Sri Lanka, paves a new passage for us to grow as a community both in our adopted country as well as strengthen and support youth and families in Sri Lanka.

During Honourable Dion’s visit, Minister Dion announced that Canada will provide $8.8 million CDN over four years for the establishment of an Entrepreneur Financial Centre, a centre which will help stimulate private sector development and support job creations by improving livelihoods for entrepreneurs who operate micro, small and medium-sized enterprises; and expressed interest in exploring trade opportunities in sectors such as aviation, infrastructure, power supply, clean technology and agri-foods. Furthermore, Minister Dion met with the Governor of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province to discuss the socio-economic challenges in the region.

I am hopeful that this will translate into real positive change for our brothers and sisters back home. I believe that this is a step forwards towards strengthening our relationship with the Sri Lankan Government. I believe that this is a true sign of commitment to increase economic growth and prosperity within the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. I believe that it is time that we act now in this economic quest to help strengthen Sri Lankan’s economic stability.

A lot has happened over the years. We have been tested by war, natural disasters and economic downfalls. However, at the face of adversities, we have survived, we have revived and we have thrived. The time is now. We must seize this window of opportunity. We must engage, strengthen ties and forge new partnerships with the Sri Lankan and Canadian government. The future of our community, our brothers and sisters, our grandchildren rely on it.


Ajith SabaratnamPresident Canadian Tamils’ Chamber of Commerce

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