President's Message


I am honoured and pleased to be unanimously elected by the membership as the President of the Canadian Tamils’ Chamber of Commerce (CTCC) for the year 2020/2021. I deeply thank everyone in the membership for having placed their confidence and trust in me to guide the organization and to carry on the duties of the President for the period I will hold position as President of the Chamber.

It was the vision of a group of dedicated business persons back in 1991 to establish a Chamber to foster, develop and encourage entrepreneurship among the Canadian Tamil community that was growing slowly but steadily in our new country of adoption. Their hopes and dreams have materialized where the Chamber has grown over the past twenty-seven years as a fully established organization representing the interests of a fast -developing Tamil business community and earned a recognition and reputation not only among the Tamil community but also among the mainstream communities.

My mission during my stewardship will be to take the Chamber to higher heights. Firstly, I would like to invite all members of the Chamber to become actively engaged in the different activities that would take place during the period under review and the entire Tamil business sector to unitedly stand with the Chamber in order to have a single strong voice in promoting our activities.

Although the Chamber has a twenty-seven year history, we still do not own a property of our own where we can have our own office and utilize the property lot Chamber activities. I referred this matter at the recently held AGM and will request the Board and members to this utmost priority to purchase a suitable land during the coming year and begin building operations.

The strength of any organization flows from its membership number. It is therefore essential for us to promote the Chamber at all levels of our community to achieve a notable increase in our membership and take steps to encourage the younger generation to become members and actively support the activities and events of the Chamber. We have to also encourage those engaged in retail trade to become members.

We must also begin diversifying our funding efforts in order to obtain support from the corporate world and mainstream businesses with whom our community transacts business and obtain funding support for our activities and events. Another sphere of activity would be to establish business links with the business sector in the Northern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka and promote business activity with them.

Let me thank the entire membership for providing me and my colleagues with the leadership of the Chamber and placing trust and confidence in me to guide the Chamber along with my colleagues in the Board to take the organization to greater heights during the year of my Presidency and I request the support and co-operation from the entire membership to engage themselves in all events lined up for the year.

Best Regards,

SANTHA PANCHALINGAM PRESIDENT – CTCC 2020/2021 Canadian Tamils’ Chamber of Commerce

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