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Starting life in the Diaspora Tamils ​​have been more than thirty years. At the global level, a very high number of migrant Tamils ​​kanatavakum country. Here, more than 3 million valkirarkalenpatu Diaspora said. Palturaik culture that respects the land of Tamils ​​in Canada has seen many different fields of development achieved in the short term

As for the Tamils ​​in their homeland, education, work and life of the majority of pension was a circle. But Canada the situation is different. Canada diaspora Tamils ​​in the dust, as employers (Entrepreneurs) and it touches us to contemplate the constructive work of the organization spearheaded the SACEM iyakkunarakavirunta Mr. They jeyanatan Augustine. Among Tamils, entrepreneurs (Entrepreneurship) to promote his bid for the 1991 SACEM company “Small Business Seminar” on one of its deliberations at the end of the Tamils ​​in the business of the understanding, awareness and will continue to honor, Mr. Kingsley them ariyaratnam Chairman and Vice them jeyanatan Augustine, a member of the Council was created with a number of others. This is the 24th year this year will arrive in studded Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce was the first director of the institute.

The Vasanthan for ikuruvi Dr.

The Federation of Canadian Tamils ​​(Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce – CTCC) in the development of its 10th anniversary celebration of the remarkable. This festival is very famous, Roy Thomson arena, the 10th anniversary of the event was to honor companies that have made the Tamils. This, Roy Thomson Hall, who attended the first event in which massive amounts of Tamils, with 3000 visitors attended the wrap ippirammantamana event, it had not arivitappat nothing piravecakkattanam issue.

Among the Diaspora, are able to observe the arrival of the prevailing business development. There may be various reasons for this. Especially here in the early stages of the various literacy nirppantankalin qualified migrants, certificates from the experience, and then you can take them or come to take olunk cantarppankalo unavailable. Many marked fields Asked Canadian
ratheesan-yoglingkamExperience, qualifications and it was difficult to obtain. Still others, such experience and qualifications to manage until the family, economic difficulties and mental hardships presented. Such various reasons, broke into small business, entrepreneurs see the converts. Catittavarkalai Thus, recognizing the Tamil Chamber of Commerce is also involved in efforts to honor them. Commerce to develop among the Tamil community, the awards ceremony began pirapalyamataiyat. The growth of business banks and insurance firms began to attract the attention of the Tamil community. As a result, Royal Bank., Scotia Bank ,. CIBC, TD Bank ,. Bank of Montreal, Sun Life Financial, All State, co-operators, Industrial Alliance, sponsored by major companies began receiving the CTCC. Cable Shoppe, which has grown in parallel amidst the companies sponsoring such companies can be proud of the fact valanaku. So small-scale awards celebration, and moved to five-star hotels. This is the most expansive hotels muraiyir celebrated events, has attracted the attention of various political parties.

Canada is one of the pioneers in the business vaipavattile awards, male and female, at the same time honor the Youth by the Tamil sivathoyan_sivarasacommunity, internationally, as chief guests pick pirapalyamataintavarkalaiyum Call to pay homage. In the last year, telephone service, has reached internationally prominent businessman ratican yokalinkam They invited as the chief guest honored. This year, the awards event to be held on July 18, who lives in Florida, Mr. The chief guest will attend civotayan Sivarasa. He graduated from London, is an Aeronautical Engineer. In the early Eastern Airlines, UPS Airlines, he worked as poriyiyalar in Falcon Commercial Aviation currently is the president of the company. The company globally, aircraft lease (Lease) waters. In addition, Miami, India, avusterliya to train drivers in both air (Pilots Training) has undertaken the task. So far, the company has generated more than 200 pilots, whose training. As well as company and Falcon aircraft spare parts supplier, has been operating.

CTCC is carrying out various activities for the benefit of their members every year.


For the development of business skills, business planning (Strategic Planning), Marketing (Marketing), financial, and tax planning, growing Information Technology (IT) has been conducting seminars on the constructive advice. If you continue to get to know them and have seen changes in these areas will continue to prepare themselves (Update) and is required to be doing.

பொருட்காட்சி – Trade Show tradeshow‘Commerce Spring “in the name of an exhibition held by each company and thereby their merchandise and services, the public option has been foreseeable. Scarborough ipporutkatci held in early 1995 in schools in the first years, in large quantities: Pickering Flee Market was targeted. Following large-scale, took place in large halls. Among Tamils ​​continue the proceedings that led to a number of exhibition merchandise. Canadian Tamil Chamber of Trade and Commerce, vacantame!

குழிப்பந்தாட்டம் (Golf Tournament)golf-by-tamilTamil among entrepreneurs workouts attiyavacittai unarttuvatarkum, various community oruvittiyacamana circumstances to meet the aspects initiated an effort kulippantattamakum (Golf Tournament) intac opportunity as everyone triglycerides totaraventumenpatum opportunity vanikatturaiyai improve availability platform should use CTCC’s aim.

For example, Tim Horton’s company, Wendys company to join one of the two leaders during the game of Golf attivaramittatu totarpeyakum friendly.!

Charitable work

His role has been played in various social pursuits CTCC. Clairport Banquet Hall in 2005 and hosted a popular radio announcer famous South Indian singer KJ Yesudas Abdul Hamid their musical show, which took place at dinner for the Canadian Tamil community dinner with a massive musical party was the guide. A portion of the funds raised through this event, more than Fifty tayakattirkum, another in Canada about tamilccamukam was assigned to prepare a DATABASE. This decision peramar went Database Project, part of the amount allocated turatirustame paid back!

Walk niticer

walk-a-thoneThe most famous in recent years the annual niticer walk. The fund was launched on a massive scale by the Tamils ​​Add first event, many Tamil organizations today is spearheaded by the wizard to walk niticer. So far, more than $ 200,000 in funding through this walk and packaged, so much to Scarborough Hospital Foundations, which is a part of the Providence Healthcare Foundation awarded.

Big Bike Event :bike-a-thoneThe Big Bike event, the funds available to us about the role, Heart & Stroke Foundations, Life Saving provided research.

Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce successfully, 24 years katantiruppatu proud thing. Attivaramittu many great events to date, the organization was munnutaranam inivarunkalankalilum expanding their services and many other useful fields, as well as the maintenance of the quality, Board of Directors, is responsible for ankattuvarinatum consensus.
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